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History about Little bit of Sparkle.....


When I had my first daughter 5 years ago I decided to become a stay at home mom. I left a career in the Fashion Industry where I worked for over 10 years in NYC.  As I adjusted to my new lifestyle, I realized I still loved fashion.   As I went shopping for clothes for Olivia, I noticed how children’s clothing was either too plain or boring.  I then began to embellish the clothing with what you see here today.


Adding a Little bit of Sparkle to something that was either already on the clothing or creating a complete design made such a difference.  Strangers would approach me and compliment the shirt telling me how cute or pretty it is and then ask “Where did I buy it”?  I graciously replied “Thank you, I did the embellishments.”


Continuing to create and embellish now both of my daughters clothing and accessories I still receive the nicest of compliments.  Being convinced by family and friends I began Little bit of Sparkle.  By placing every individual crystal / rhinestone by hand with a tweezer it is time consuming and tedious. However, when I see the look on my clients faces when I deliver the final product that they chose it is so worth it.

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